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We have over 15 years of experience in digital marketing.
That’s why high-profile clients call us for every project.

If you’re not yet a client…You don’t know JAC.

Our Services

We specialize in creative campaign strategy, lead generation, and tech automation.

Creative Ideas. Period.

We find unique ways to reach your target audience. Our team is made up of strategists, designers, developers & creatives who know how to break the mold and go beyond tired techniques.

Approaches That Work

We help you form a solid branding strategy, marketing message, and growth plan that work to turn your website into a sales machine. We use our 15 years of expertise to give your business the best chance of success.

Lead Generation

Generate more leads by optimizing customized targeted email campaigns, landing pages and other proven lead generation and prospecting tools. JAC will get customers knocking on your door!

Results That Matter

We don’t just deliver results, we deliver success. With JAC Marketing, you can rest assured that our strategies will be tailored to suit your unique needs and produce the desired results. It’s our passion.

Advertising Options

We manage all aspects of your advertising campaign, from writing the ad copy to creating the image, and we optimize for performance and conversion rates every step with our media partners.

Distinguish Yourself

Our team will provide you with an in-depth marketing analysis of your existing website content, marketing channels, and other marketing initiatives. This will set the path on your roadmap to your success.

What We Do

We create big ideas for your products and services

If you’re struggling to get a clear picture of your marketing efforts and what needs to be done, we can help. JAC Marketing offers a variety of marketing strategies, including one-time analysis and monthly management programs.

We don’t just deliver results, we deliver success. With JAC Marketing, you can rest assured that your campaigns will be tailored to suit your unique needs and will produce the desired results.

*Campaigns, not campaigns.

We don’t just offer Campaigns, we offer innovative Campaign ideas that are truly disruptive. We make you think differently and challenge your conventional advertising strategies using experience, technology, and automation. Because results matter.


What Clients Say About Our Services

For the last 12 years Julie has been my digital go to. From all aspects of my websites to any digital needs I might have, she has been a trustworthy professional that is always there to help bring my business visions to digital life. The titles of her books goes right along with everything that Julie stands for; she helps us envision the bigger picture of growth.
I first met the JAC team at a conference and was immediately intrigued with their background and how they were able to answer any questions we had. I love them because they will always surprise you with an outstanding level of knowledge in the tech and marketing industry which is really helpful to our company.
Kendra H.
Director of Marketing Usebase INC
The collective crew over at JAC is an absolute powerhouse! They deliver top-notch strategies and are always thinking one step ahead. Their skills make them an indispensable asset to our team. Whenever we are brainstorming on a new project, we call JAC. If you're looking for a team to think on their feet, you found it.
Mark T.
Asssociate Developer MTT Global
How We Work

Our goal is to make you into an industry rockstar

If you need to get your business in front of the right people, but you aren’t sure how, we’re here to help! Our simple process has helped over 3,000 small businesses get in front of their target audience. It’s designed to drive traffic and increase brand awareness. We can help you build an irresistible and sustainable marketing plan.

Just beware. We aren’t normal. We are a crazy group of very talented creatives who get crazy excited about mastering explosive Campaigns. We love to plant them like little herb gardens on a window sill and watch them grow. 🌱

Initial Idea

It all starts with a powerful brainstorming session. We bring great minds toether.

02 -

We are obsessive planners and doers. THIS is our superpower and we love it.

03 -

When we say launch, we mean it. No piddling around at JAC headquarters.

Why choose us?

We’ve helped top brands and high profile celebrities like The Zac Brown Band, Slimfast’s Lead Brand Ambassador -Hazely, and recently Jason Vincent & Don Trump Jr. grow their brands and power engagement. We have the experience you need to scale your marketing efforts no matter the size of your business or the type of your audience.

Ready to take your BIG idea to a WHOLE new level?

We know the importance of a successful Campaign. That’s why we don’t stop after launch. Ask about our continued growth strategies and maintenance packages.

No gurus here - only practicing Professionals

Meet Our Team

Julie Adams

Director of Digital Marketing

Julie has over 15 years leading teams in planning & developing creative, effective marketing strategies, bringing a unique set of skills to her team. Her client list includes multiple high-profile celebrities, political figures, and Fortune 500 businesses.

Mike Adams

Communications Director

Mike is a strategic thinker whose writing skills coupled with his sociological and anthropological background brings a contagious zeal for championing equity on all touch points and designing socially responsible campaigns that capture our clients’ aspirations.

Karen Williams


Karen writes the content for JAC and keeps us all in line. Her ability to execute copy that puts us high in rankings is what makes her such a star. Everybody loves Karen.

Sofia Brightwater

Social Media Specialist

Sofia is a social media specialist with talent embedded in her blood. Her work helps businesses reach their audience. She is a master at fueling social media engagement.

Susan Karamaki

Web Developer

Susan is an integral part of our collaboration. She is responsible for building miracle websites on modern platforms that can stretch our creativity in ways that weren’t possible before. 

Bryan Holcomb

Analytical Strategist

Bryan loves math & believes that numbers can solve most of life’s challenges. He works as an analytical strategist for a leading information tech firm and fits right into our JAC collective. 

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