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At JAC, we’re a different kind of marketing agency. We focus on efficiency, productivity, and creativity. You can be sure that you’ll work with an experienced marketing team that knows how to take care of your brand. Our goal is to provide high-quality marketing services at a competitive price.

Our group has fun working together. We’ve brought the best of the best together in this collaboration so that we can bring our clients success.

15 Years and Running

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Meet Our Founder & Master Marketer

Hi, my name is Julie Adams!

My 15 years of experience started way before online money making was popular. What began as a freelance graphic design career quickly turned into a passion for marketing tech. I couldn’t be happier! I’ve worked with some of the most influential people in business and made great strides every step of the way. I want this for you too! I am here to show you how to simplify, streamline, and automate your marketing efforts in the digital space so you can see real results and get on with running your business. 😉