Email Engagement Case Study
Lead Gen/Email Campaign Case Study:
Engaging An Audience

We aim to significantly enhance our subscriber base by directly appealing to patriots, conservatives, and outdoor enthusiasts. These groups represent a dedicated reader base that values our content’s focus on liberty, tradition, and the great outdoors.

KPIs for Subscription Growth:

  • Increase in the number of new subscribers month-over-month: Newsletter/Print Magazine
  • Growth in engagement metrics on promotional blog articles.
  • High conversion rate from “Win A Hunt With Don” campaign entrants to magazine subscribers.
  • Positive trend in email campaign open and click-through rates.
Field Ethos Client - Don Trump Jr

Company Name:

Field Ethos



Company Size:


Main Products/Services:

Lifestyle entertainment through articles, influencer engagement, and events.

Geographic Location and Reach:

Clarkesville, GA-Ranked 1,672,899 among websites globally based on 12,661 monthly web visitors.

Target Audience Demographics:

  • Age Range: 25-45 years old
  • Gender: Primarily male, but not exclusive
  • Location: Predominantly in southern states of the United States
  • Political Leaning: Republican or conservative-leaning individuals
  • Income Level: Likely to have disposable income for outdoor pursuits and equipment
  • Occupation: Varied, with a possible concentration in industries related to outdoor jobs or lifestyles, such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, and conservation

Interests and Hobbies

Primary Activities:

  • Hunting (various types, including bow hunting and rifle hunting)
  • Fishing (freshwater, deep-sea, fly-fishing)
  • Survival skills and primitive living techniques
  • Hiking and backpacking
  • Outdoor Adventure: A passion for exploring remote locations and engaging with nature
  • Self-Reliance: An interest in DIY practices, off-the-grid living, and self-sufficiency
  • Conservation: A respect for wildlife conservation and sustainable use of natural resources

Lifestyle & Values:

  • Unapologetic Attitude: Confident, independent, and unapologetic about their interests and lifestyle
  • Community Engagement: Participation in communities centered around outdoor activities and shared values, patriotic events
  • Quality and Durability: Preference for high-quality, durable goods that withstand outdoor conditions
  • Patriotism: Strong sense of national pride and support for American values and traditions


  • Don Trump Jr: Co-Owner and an influential figure and poster man for the brand, resonating strongly with the target audience’s political and outdoor interests.
  • Colin Jones: CFO and similar interests and lifestyle, connects with the brand’s target demographic through content and product endorsements.

Ideal Marketing Channels:

  • Social Media Platforms: Instagram and Facebook, emphasizing imagery and storytelling around outdoor adventures and lifestyle
  • Outdoor Forums and Communities: Specialty websites and forums where outdoor enthusiasts gather to discuss their hobbies and share tips
  • Events and Trade Shows: Presence in hunting, fishing, and outdoor expos to physically engage with the target audience
  • Content Marketing: Blog posts, articles, and videos that offer value in the form of tips, stories, and insights into outdoor lifestyles and patriotism

Potential Partnerships for Expansion:

  • Outdoor Equipment Brands: Collaborating with brands that supply hunting gear, fishing tackle, camping equipment, and survival tools
  • Conservation Organizations: Partnering with wildlife and habitat conservation groups to align with sustainable practices and community interests
  • Veteran Associations: Connecting with veteran groups that often share similar interests in outdoor activities and values

Objective 1: Craft Compelling Content for Blog Articles

  • Develop and publish a series of high-quality blog articles tailored specifically to our target audience’s interests.


  • Spotlight exclusive content that showcases our unique perspective on patriotism, conservative values, and outdoor living.


  • Utilize SEO best practices to increase visibility in search engine results and attract organic traffic.


Objective 2: Execute a Targeted Email Campaign

  • Curate and send out a well-designed email series to our current database with previews of premium content available exclusively to subscribers.


  • Segment the email list to ensure customized messaging aligns with specific interests within our target demographics.


  • Provide clear and enticing call-to-actions within the emails to guide readers towards subscribing.


Objective 3: Offer an Exclusive Incentive to New Subscribers

  • Launch a “Win A Hunt With Don” sweepstakes event as an incentive to inspire new subscriptions.


  • Promote this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity across all our platforms, including social media, website banners, and newsletter mentions to ensure maximum exposure.


  • Make the entry conditional upon subscribing to leverage the campaign’s excitement into tangible subscription growth.


Objective 4: Measure and Adapt Subscription Strategies

  • Implement tracking mechanisms to measure the success of blog content and email campaigns in driving new subscriptions.


  • Collect and analyze subscriber feedback to improve the user experience continuously.


  • Use data insights to iterate and refine approaches, focusing on the most effective channels and messaging.


The Campaign Sequence & Nurture Strategy

Initial Email: First Impressions Count

The campaign kick-started with a personalized welcome email for each new subscriber. This wasn’t just a greeting; it packaged an exclusive first-time subscription offer coupled with compelling reasons that outlined the magazine’s unique value propositions. The key was personalization—making every reader feel seen and understood.

Follow-up Email: Stirring the Sense of Urgency

Following the initial contact, we deployed the second wave—an urgent reminder of the ticking clock on the exclusive offer. Sent 48 hours after the warm welcome, this email was a nudge for the subscribers reminding them of what they’d miss if they didn’t act fast.

Nurturing Sequence: The Art of Engagement

Our nurturing sequence was no random flurry of communications. Over the ensuing week, formidable educational content highlighted various facets of the magazine. From enlightening articles to sneak peeks into riveting sections and additional benefits for subscribers, each email served as a stepping-stone towards solidifying subscriber interest.

Final Email: The Last-Minute Hook

A final reminder marked the impending close of the offer period. This email was so much more than a countdown—it was the clarion call for the subscribers, laying out the ‘last chance’ message to seize the exceptional subscription deal.

Sequential Timing: Science Meets Strategy

The email cadence was far from arbitrary. Each message was strategically timed based on individual subscriber engagement and behaviors. This ensured that every nurturing touchpoint reached the recipient at the most opportune moment, thereby optimizing open rates and click-throughs.

Nurture Strategy: A Symphony of Value

Woven through the sequence was a consistent strand—the strategy of delivering value. This wasn’t just about conversion; it was about building a rapport with potential readers and positioning the magazine as an indispensable addition to their lives.

Key Highlights

CTR: 30.02%
Lift in Conversion Rates: 25.04%
Lift in subscriptions: 40%
Open rate: 54.75%


By the Numbers: The Results Speak Volumes

  • A colossal 40% increase in new magazine subscriptions against the previous year’s figures.


  • A notable 25% lift in conversation rates, accentuating the effectiveness of the email nurtures.


  • An average open rate of 55% across the nurturing emails, signifying robust subscriber engagement.


  • A click-through rate that peaked at an impressive 30% for the emails featuring the exclusive offer, showcasing a heightened interest level among the potential subscribers.


In Conclusion

This campaign wasn’t just a milestone; it carried the blueprint of future strategies. It highlighted the undeniable power of a well-thought-out nurturing sequence, emphasizing that when content is king, context is the kingdom. It’s a timely reminder of the unmatched potential of strategic email marketing in an era where nearly every digital mailbox is inundated with content clamoring for attention.

The takeaway is clear—invest in building genuine relationships with subscribers by providing unadulterated value, and witness how this investment returns tenfold. This isn’t just a success narrative; it’s a beckoning to all digital marketers to craft campaigns that not only speak to an audience but engage in an ongoing and meaningful dialogue.